Saturday, September 15, 2007

Electric Car on the Market

Concern over gasoline prices and global warming of the past few years has helped develop a market for alternatives to the traditional gasoline-only powered car. That is not news as we've all seen more and more hybrids hit the roads. For me, I had heard about the luxury electric car produced by Tesla Motors, but a more affordable electric car was news to me.

The ZENN ("Zero Emissions, No Noise"), produced by ZENN Motor Co. of Toronto, is an electric car that is currently available. At this point, it can only be purchased for in-town driving, as government regulations restrict the car to 25mph, so it can not be driven on highways.

More about the ZENN can be found here and here. One dealer that offers the car is Berkeley-based Green Motors, which has an on-line presence currently and will opening a physical dealership in the next couple of months.

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