Friday, July 27, 2007

Black is Green

This is my first post since my move to the West Coast. Things have been a bit crazy, so I haven't had much time to keep up with this. Hopefully, things will settle down a bit soon and I'll post on a more regular basis.

Back in January, the writer of the blog ecoIron calculated that since the energy needed to display a web page with a white background is greater than what is needed to display one with a black background, if Google switched to a black background from their current familiar white background, the change would save about 750 Megawatt hours a year.

Fast forward to about now and it appears that there is an option to have the same power of Google with a black background. Called "Blackle", it offers the Google engine (run by a different company who apparently just customized the engine) with an all-black background. If it is, indeed, the same search engine, I hope anyone who reads this will help spread the word. Every little bit counts!

Here are some questions answered about it from ecoIron.

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At 17:26, Anonymous Peter Johansson said...

My favorite is . Just because the fact that its nice to look at (similarry colored search results) and it reminds me everytime i search for something of been greener.

It also advices you to follow additional 10 easy ways to save energy... some very simple but good ways to cut down wasting everyday energy with computers...

At 23:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not as "green" as any one thinks... Sure for older CRT's there is SOME savings, but for newer LCD's BLACKGLE shows now savings or actually uses MORE power.. See:


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